What are fat burners?

There are 2 types of fat burners: lipotropic formulas and thermogenic formulas. In this article we will dwell in more detail on the most common lipotropic complexes and describe their effect on the human body.

Effect on the body

The lipotropic factors contained in such complexes are L-carnitine, lecithin, choline, linoleic acid, inositol, methionine, etc. https://steroidsbuyonline.com/store/best-fat-burner/ help transport and utilize fats. Their action makes it easier for the liver to process unwanted fat, and also reduces the amount of this fat. 

The combination of these lipotropic factors, as well as natural herbal extracts, which are designed to remove excess water from the body, helps to achieve maximum results in converting adipose tissue into energy and removing water from the subcutaneous layer.

Lipotropic complexes do not increase the heart rate and body temperature, therefore they are suitable for people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels, for whom thermogenic fat burners are contraindicated.

Rules for taking fat burners

We have already highlighted the main rule - this is a combination of taking fat burners with aerobic exercise. Moreover, the more load, the better. Minimum - 3 times a week for 40 minutes. This is the bottom bar, below which you can't go down if you really want to achieve something. Ideally, one-hour jogging every day or exercise on a treadmill, stationary bike, ellipsoid, stepper, etc.

The specific rules for taking each drug are set out in its annotation. And we recommend that you strictly adhere to them, because they are based on a thorough knowledge of the composition of the manufacturers of fat burners. As a rule, the reception is carried out in the morning, before meals.